A new website? We can help !


A new website? We can help !

A new website many who underestimate it but surely a ‘must’ for any business these days. Renewal is what pushes a company forward and that includes a modern website. Companies and individuals are increasingly looking for information via the Internet. Redev is happy to help you with this and as a web designer a unique partner for you as a starter or established company. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Responsive design

Those looking for information about your company increasingly do so via smartphone or tablet. It is therefore a fact that every website should be responsive to the device being used. User-friendliness is paramount so that the visitor does not immediately give up. At Redev, all web designs are responsive!

SEO Optimised

Search engine optimisation for your website is a must. Are you having us build your website? Then you can rest assured that it is optimised to perfection for Google, Bing and other search engines. And always with sufficient backlinks to start with!

Always support

Do you have a problem with the website title? Then we are here to solve it! With our packages, you always get free support for at least one year.

Own hosting

We host all our built webshops or websites ourselves. We do this to guarantee that the web shop or website always loads quickly and is properly secured. We guarantee an uptime of 99%! But even if you are hosting somewhere else, this is no problem.

How do we proceed?

We prefer to have a personal meeting to discuss and assess your wishes, possibly with a trial model made in advance to have a clear guideline. After this meeting, we will start working on your website, which will take a few working days. In the meantime, we keep in touch by phone to discuss any wishes and adjustments. When the website is ready, it will be presented to you in another personal meeting. Any minor adjustments can then be discussed. You can also discuss an assignment with us over the phone, with no obligation. We will go through your wishes and create a suitable design.

A free demo website?

You haven’t paid a euro yet but already have an idea of what we can do? We will create a demo website entirely in line with your requirements, without any obligation. This is a front page entirely in the style of your company or plans. It will cost you nothing! Request a demo website right away.
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