Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is still an underrated issue by many companies, however, it is important for the growth of your business to get a high ranking in Google, for example. You are going for growth too, aren’t you? Let us help you with that we offer various services related to optimising your website. It is not a question of whether you will rank higher in Google it is a fact!


Optimising your website can be a time-consuming task that does require some expertise. We optimise your website on various fronts, both technically and for the search engine. This includes optimising the loading speed and doing link building. We offer ours services here in Nederlands and partner with big agencies in France and Europe.

Link building

Link building is the creation of valuable links to your website. The more links point to your website, the better it is for your ranking. Of course, these should be links with value. A link on a website from Spain referring to your website in the Netherlands is not a valuable link. Redev professionally creates links to your website, inquire about the possibilities!

Webshop optimisation

Webshop optimisation is a service we have specialised in. Setting up and optimising a webshop can be a time-consuming and intensive job. A webshop is often a large website that demands a lot and has a lot of content. Optimising the whole is very important, and every aspect has a direct influence on your findability.

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More visitors
Our search engine optimisation guarantees more visitors to your website or webshop.

Fixed packages

We work with tailor-made packages, one fixed price, no surprises afterwards!

Layout optimisation

A new design? A different look? Redev makes it happen!

Webshop optimisation

Want to generate more sales? We optimise your webshop, request a free analysis!

Free SEO analysis

Prior insight into your website completely free of charge!
Clear insight in advance about what can or cannot be improved on your website? Then request a free SEO analysis! It costs you absolutely nothing and, if there are areas for improvement, we will immediately set a price for you. Request it now!

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