Online Shop

Online Shop

Your own online shop? Where do you start?

That is the question you often ask yourself. If you start your own webshop, you often find yourself in a maze. A variety of providers and possibilities and, most importantly, the price tag. Redev offers the solution with transparency, a fixed price for what you want.

Responsive design

More and more orders are being placed via smartphone or tablet. Our webshops will always adapt themselves to smartphone or tablet. This means you are prepared for the future!

SEO optimised

Search engine optimisation for your webshop is indispensable. Will you let us build your webshop? Then you can rest assured that it is optimised to perfection for Google, Bing and other search engines.

Always support

Do you have a problem with the web shop? Then we are here to solve it! With our packages, you always get free support for at least one year.

Own hosting

We host all our webshops ourselves. We do this to guarantee that the web shop always loads quickly and is secure. We guarantee an uptime of 99%!

Which package is best for you?

Which package is best for you depends entirely on your needs and your objective. How big do you want the shop to be in the end? What are your goals for a few years from now? Will the shop be your regular source of income or do you have a job in addition to the shop? These are just some of the questions that may arise. At Redev, we are flexible and if your wishes change, we will change with them. Ask us about the possibilities.

A free demo webshop?

Choosing the right partner to realise your wishes is hard enough. At Redev, we create a demo website for you before you have decided. This gives you an idea of what the possibilities are and gives us a better idea of what your requirements are. Also request a free demo website.
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